About Us Erfahren Sie, wie Cameo Sie unterstützen kann.

Who are we?

Cameo Systems is a first-class recruitment services company offering the best job opportunities in Software Testing and Quality Assurance. Every day, we connect professionals with the best IT companies across Germany. Our professionalism and expertise in the industry are at the centre of all our services. We recognize talent and actively search for it, and this enables us to connect job seekers with the most sought-after jobs in Software Testing.

What is our mission?

Our foremost objective is to connect the most talented professionals in Software Testing with the best available jobs. Empathy has always been an integral part to our approach, making us go the extra mile to generate mutually advantageous partnerships for both our clients and candidates.

Who do we work with?

Cameo prides itself on forming long term relationships with great people. We work with innovative companies in Germany hiring talent in Software Testing and Quality Assurance. Our leading recruitment services enable businesses to easily hire and recruit hard-to-find contract and permanent IT experts.

Cameo works closely with professionals in the industry, such as Testers, Test Managers, Test Analysts etc. We connect these professionals with the opportunities of their lifetime. We are interested in understanding the requirements and specifics of both employee and employer. This allows us to successfully match candidates with suitable job opportunities. We see recruitment as a flowing market, where we interact with individuals throughout their careers, both from the position of candidates as from that of clients. Working in this collaborative fashion we can build long term relationships based on respect and mutual understanding.

What types of services do we offer?

Cameo offers recruitment services to small, medium and large-size enterprises in Germany. Specifically, we cover recruitment in the area of Software Testing. By concentrating our services in a one niche market, we are able to position ourselves as the best recruiters in the industry.

Why do clients choose us?

We understand the value employees bring to a team. By working with Cameo, clients are able to find and hire the right candidates for every position. We work closely with every one of our customers and seek to form valuable relationships with them.

Our 8 years of experience in recruitment makes us one of the most reliant recruitment providers on the market. In addition to that, our professional experience of sourcing talent in Software Testing means we understand the conditions, needs, risks, and specifics involved in hiring and recruiting great IT professionals.

By working with Cameo, companies are able to hire the talent needed to succeed in an environment that is constantly changing and evolving. What is more, they profit from having access to a great pool of talent. Our consultants take the necessary time to understand every requirement, so you are guaranteed to get only services tailored to your needs.